Water Damage Photo Gallery

moisture meter on floor

Moisture Meters

Here at SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus, we use moisture meters to measure the percentage of water in an area impacted by water damage in your home or business. We use this information to understand the extent of the water damage. If the area has a high concentration of water, additional inspection of the affected area is necessary to mitigate the water effectively.

wet subfloor

Wet Subfloors

This picture is an example of how the sub flooring in your home can hold water! Even if you think the tile or the carpeting on top of the sub floor is dry, it may have already seeped through and affected more than you think! Don't let a flood ruin the flooring throughout your home, call our SERVPRO experts today!

dehumidifier after a loss

Using Dehumidifiers After a Water Loss

Rapidly removing water vapor from the air after extraction helps to mitigate the damages in your Columbus home or business. The equipment used by our SERVPRO Team is top of the line, using best practices and techniques to restore your loss quickly. "Like it never even happened."

equipment set on saturated subfloor

Water Damage Can Happen Quickly

Water damage can happen quickly and cause more damage than you realize. Within minutes water can penetrate your walls, baseboards, cabinets, and floors. In this photo, you see where SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus removed the flooring and the subfloor was already saturated. Don't hesitate to call our SERVPRO Team for premier water mitigation and restoration services.

hardwood floors buckling in kitchen

Don't Let Water Ruin Your Floors!

A small amount of water destroyed the hardwood floors in this Columbus home. Water damage to hardwood can cause warping and buckling, as you can see above. Call SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus as soon as possible after you experience water damage.

equipment set in residential bathroom

Water Restoration Process

Though no water damage event is the same, the water cleanup and restoration process are the same. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus experts are here to help any time of the day or night when a water disaster strikes your home or business.

frozen stairs in basement

Frozen Pipes Can Cause Significant Damage

Columbus' cold winters can freeze pipes which in turn can cause a lot of damage in homes and businesses. This home had a frozen pipe that burst and froze the entire first floor down to the basement.

brown water stain on ceiling

Ceiling Falling Down Due To Water Damage

These local Columbus homeowners were surprised to find their ceiling falling down due to a water damage in the above level of the home. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus Team was able to help them quickly and efficiently so there was minimal downtime in the home.

holes drilled in walls after water damage

Drilling Holes After Water Damage

When you experience water damage in your home or business, you may be wondering why our SERVPRO Team drills holes in the baseboards. By drilling holes, the water can drain from small weep holes made in the area behind baseboards once we remove them, and also from ceilings that hold water. It also allows our air movers to push air into wall cavities and other enclosed spaces and then exit out another hole.

ceiling removed after water damage

Demolition Needed After Water Damage

Demolition may be necessary in extreme water damage cases.  Pictured is a section of ceiling cut out.  SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus performs demolition then cleans and hauls off debris in order to further the drying process.

water damage on carpet of commercial office building

Unexpected Water Damage

Water disasters always happen when you least expect it. They always seem to occur in the middle of the night. What a nightmare! That is exactly what happened at this commercial office building. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus Team was there immediately to take the stress away from the Property Manager and start the mitigation process. Our Team is available 24-7 for all of your water disasters!

water on carpet of commercial building

Water Damage At Local Rehab Facility

Our SERVPRO Team was called out to this commercial building for emergency services caused by a sump pump failure. As you can see in the picture above, the floor suffered significant water damage. Our SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus Team was on site immediately to begin the mitigation process, getting this Rehab facility back to preloss condition in no time.

Equipment set at medical building

Water Loss At Doctor's Office

This medical facility experienced an unexpected multi-level water loss from a busted water heater. Our team removed the cove base, drilled holes in the wall and set up equipment to efficiently dry out this building. If you experience a loss like this, give us a call!

cement floor in commercial building with water standing

Flooding In Commercial Warehouse

Flooding in a commercial warehouse cause by a broken pipe. Thanks to our crews hard work, we were able to get this building back up and running. "Like it never even happened."

Floor Drying System Used to Dry Wood Floor In Mansfield

This water damage was caused by a shower drain in their second-floor bathroom. The water ran down into the kitchen getting the wood floor wet. SERVPRO’S trained restoration team placed dehumidifier, air movers and a floor drying system. Floor drying system are used on wood floors to accelerate the drying process.

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Toilet Supply Line Caused Water Damage

This water damaged was caused by a toilet supply line that broke. The water flooded down to the floor below which damaged the ceiling. Our trained restoration technician removed the wet damaged ceiling and dried the area with dehumidifiers and air movers.

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Called us at 614-888-5700.

Damaged Wood Floor in Columbus, OH

Water damage from a broken pipe caused this engineered wood floor to warp. We were not able to salvage the floor due to the foam underlayment. Our crew removed the floor and placed dehumidifiers and air mover to dry the underlayment. Our experience construction team replace the floor and the customer was thrilled.

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Warehouse Water Damage in Groveport

Over 300,000 sq. ft. of this Groveport warehouse was affected by water damage from a broken pipe. This job required extraction, demolition and construction.

Timely mitigation is key to controlling water damage, downtime and recover costs. You can count on SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus to quickly respond to your emergency water damage loss.

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Water Damaged Wood Gym Floor in Columbus

SERVPRO of NE Columbus set up a drying chamber and place drying equipment to dry this wood gym floor. In addition to drying the floor, SERVPRO’s crews had many hours of demolition in halls and offices. Dehumidifiers and air movers were used to dry affected areas.

May CE Class

SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus offered two Continuing Education Classes on May, 4th. Understanding Water's Impact and Business Ethics that were both attended by many local agents. Please check our event page for our upcoming classes.

Floor Drying System

SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus uses this floor drying system to dry hardwood floors. This system accelerates the drying of wood floors.

If your home has experienced a water problem, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus at 614-888-5700.